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Search the Universe! Examine distant worlds and cosmic vistas through cameras of giant observatories and NASA spacecraft.

Ancient Dreams...

The night sky is full of beauty and mystery. Ever since the dawn of humankind, our curiosity and wonder of the celestial heavens has filled us with awe. Ancient man attributed many earthbound events and fortunes to the happenings in the night sky. May this site serve to help you in understanding the many aspects of the heavens and make you forever a Star Gazer. - M

Name a Star Services

Star Deed - Listed with the Millennium Chronicle Star Catalog, the original star naming service that has an online catalog of stars. 

Astronomy Information

Astronomy Picture of The Day
Earth and Sky
Galactic Images
Hubble Telescope News
Universe Today
Windows of the Universe

Internet Clubs and Organizations

Friends of Amateur Astronomy
Galaxies Astronomy Club
Planetary Society


Astronomy Now
Sky & Telescope

Observatories & Museums

Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory
Chabot Space & Science Center
European Southern Observatory
Griffith Observatory
National Optical Astronomy Observatories

Space Missions

Galileo - Journey To Jupiter
Hubble Site
J-Track- Track space craft in real time.
Jet Propultion Labratories (JPL)
NASA Home Page
Mars Global Surveyor


Constellation Meanings
Dictionary of the Stars
Skylight. Weekly sky and photo of the week. The original online star catalog created for the name a star industry.
The Constellations. A complete list of constellations along with meanings, possessives, abbreviations, locations, and brightest stars.
The Natures Of The Stars
The Planet Project. Shows stars that have orbiting planets.
Spectra Starlight. By analyzing the Spectra, we are able to determine what the stars are made of, their structures, and their lives.
Star Clusters


Astronomy Trivia

How bright are stars?
How old is the oldest star?
What is a supernova?
What is the closest star?
What's the biggest star?



Name a star gift services ... personalized gifts for all occassions
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